About Alex-Boston

I am a biochemist and photographer who uses my scientific background to inform my photography. As a scientist, I can look at both the organic and mineral sides of everything: the oxydation of metal can offer the unique texture of a rusted object as well as explaining the incredible colors of the forest in autumn. I am curious about everything and can be fascinated by the details of a leaf or the structure of a bridge.” I use a Nikon SLR camera for most of my work, but occasionally uses my iPhone to capture a particular fleeting moment.

I am a native of France and a graduate of the Sorbonne, Paris. I have lived in such varied places as Indonesia, Burundi, and Rwanda. I currently divide my time between Boston’s South End and Provence in the south of France.

What: Urban Naturalis: Photography by Alex Tisserand
Where: Laconia Gallery, 433 Harrison Avenue, Boston
When: Exhibition on view September 6 through October 27, 2019